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A Mother’s Day Garden Tea

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A Mother’s Day Garden Tea for two is an intimate way to celebrate any mom in your life! Pull up a chair with mom, sis, grandma or a good friend and catch up.

tea for two in the garden

Tea in the Garden for Mother’s Day

Celebrating outside is one of my favorite things. At this time of year, gardens are full of young blooms, tender leaves and the sounds of spring. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring the party outside and enjoy the beauty around us.

Having ‘tea’ in the garden with your favorite mom can be simple, casual and easy — letting you focus on the most important thing…family + friendship!

a garden tea party for mother's day

Ingredients for an Outdoor Mother’s Day Tea Party

The Venue

You can pull this off whether you are surrounded by woods, water or a concrete jungle. Any spot with a pretty view that is quiet enough for conversation is perfect. If your own yard or balcony doesn’t have the space or what you need, take your party on the road to a local park, beach or any of your favorite outdoor spots (just mind the restrictions for picnics items).

dappled sunlight on a garden tea party

The Seating

Our side yard, under a canopy of poplars and beech trees, is a perfect spot for a garden tea. I plan to include some seating in this area, but because we’ve only recently gotten to work on this part of the garden, I haven’t settled on anything yet.

So, I borrowed a portable bistro set from my neighbor! (Ask and you shall receive…thanks, Jackie!) The point is, you don’t have to have the perfect ‘thing’ to set this up. A card table and some folding chairs, a side table from your den or just a picnic blanket will work.

Throw a simple cloth over your ‘table’ to dress it up. If you want to add some extra dimension, layer on another swath of fabric — a contrasting tablecloth, a pretty scarf, an inexpensive remnant from the fabric or craft store. If you plan to go with a picnic blanket, borrow some coordinating throw pillows from your indoor seating for added comfort.

a garden table set for afternoon tea

The Ambiance

Don’t forget to add a few small touches to round out the scene. A few ideas to consider:

  • Candles — think a hurricane, votives or even a small lantern if the day is breezy
  • Flowers or greens — I absolutely raided my garden and snipped a few stems of phlox and rosemary to fill a bud vase
  • Twinkly lights or paper lanterns to hang nearby
  • Bluetooth speaker — put on mom’s favorite playlist or some sounds of nature (chirping birds, babbling brook) to amp up a natural vibe
a tea table with flowers, mimosas and snacks

The Food + Drink

Well…there’s so much fun you can have with brewed teas, of course. And then there’s Hibiscus Tea Mimosas — if you’re into that kind of thing.

And, the tiny food! Best part of a tea party if you ask me. Take it easy with store prepared items or put together some semi-homemade eats, like these…

Small Savory Bites

  • Chickpeas with Avocado-Goat Cheese Spread
  • Baby Zucchini + Yellowfin Tea Sandwiches
  • Smoked Trout Latkes
  • Toasted Cheese Crumpets with Pickled Radish

Mini Desserts

  • Cranberry, Raisin + Pecan Bread Pudding with Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce
  • Sea Salt + Belgian Chocolate Waffle Cookies
  • Raspberry-Marmalade Mini Tarts

Display your tasty treats on a tiered server for a nod to a traditional tea.

mother's day garden tea party set up

Whether for Mother’s Day or to celebrate the beauty of the seasons, an at home garden tea can be scaled up for a group or kept small + sweet. Either way, keep it simple and enjoy the company!

And, if you have a mom or mom-friend who likes to create, you can add a little crafternooning to your celebration with wine cork crafts.

The Perfect Gift for Mom

Look no further than my 2021 Mother’s Day gift guide for something unique, handmade and beautiful from the makers and small businesses at Etsy.

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  1. I like the tiny food that is always served at a tea party, too! But truly, there is nothing better than an outdoor high tea, especially when the flowers are in full bloom. The setup you created was just lovely- the exotic table cloth you used was particularly stunning. I know how I’m celebrating Mother’s Day this year!

    1. Thanks! I love that table cloth, too! It was made in India, but I acquired it from a small shop in Sonoma years ago — they had so many amazing goods from around the world.

  2. This is beautiful! I can’t think of any mom who wouldn’t be blessed by it. Beautiful pictures and great ideas. 🙂

  3. I’m not even a tea-drinker, but I was so drawn to all your photos in this post. You have put together such a lovely Mother’s Day garden tea — way to go! Everything looks so well-planned and you have great attention to detail.