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How to Throw a Holiday Party with Wine Cork Crafts

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A holiday party with wine cork crafts is a super fun way to enjoy time with friends while making holiday decorations they can take home or give to others. 

a hanging wine cork christmas tree ornament

Holiday Crafting Party with Wine Corks

A couple of years ago (in the ‘before’ times), I hosted a neighborhood mom’s-night-in holiday party with wine, appetizers and a crafting table to make wine cork ornaments. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed taking home little holiday tokens to hang on their tree or give away.

I’ve revived the holiday crafting party this year, though on a much smaller scale. It’s the perfect low-key way to spend an evening with friends enjoying good company, food + wine and doing something creative. 

And TBH, my wine cork collection has grown considerably since that first crafting party — it’s time to part with some!

glueing corks to a wood christmas tree cutout

Ingredients for a Holiday Party with Crafts + Food

Fun Eats

To keep things easy and casual, a pot luck appetizer menu is the way to go. It allows your guests to graze at their leisure and makes plenty of time for mingling, crafting and whatever else may happen (a little Christmas karaoke, anyone?).

I find that friends always ask what they can bring anyway, so why not potluck? Each guest/party brings their fave appetizer, and I fill in with 3 or 4 to have a good variety. Don’t forget to include something sweet to enjoy as dessert!

Here are some delish party appetizers to try!

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Festive Drinks

This year’s party is a family affair, so I’m serving up a festive, alcohol-free punch for the kids to enjoy and help them feel special. 

Along with still and sparkling waters, an assortment of beer and wines are easy, self-serve options for adults. And, if anyone needs a little warming up, hot cocoa and lattes are on standby!

For something a little different than your local grocery or wine shop assortment, check out NakedWines.com for exclusive selections perfect for holiday entertaining.

The right wine for you- 6 bottles for just $34.99!

Crafting Supplies

Wine cork crafts may not be your thing, so you can swap this medium out for any holiday themed crafts you like…hellooooo, Pinterest! No matter what craft you choose to do, don’t forget all the necessary supplies.

I like to set up a folding banquet table and cover it with kraft paper to make clean up a breeze. You can decorate your table cover with hand drawn greetings, labels, instructions, doodles…whatever! You can also cover the table with holiday gift paper to really get into the spirit.

Corral supplies in baskets, boxes, bowls, vases, trays, etc. And, for more involved projects, a printed set of instructions is helpful. Don’t forget an extension cord or power strip for glue guns and such.

Provide your guests with a paper gift bag or reusable tote to bring all their works home!

a holiday wine cork crafting table set up

The Wine Cork Crafts

You can do so many things with wine corks…from cork boards to wreaths to ornaments and more! 

I always start with an assortment of whole and halved corks, and circles (slices from a cork — which are nice if stained red or have printed motifs on the ends). I have the advantage of owning a scroll saw, so with the help of a little jig, I can make fast work of cutting and slicing corks. 

Here’s a video tutorial for how to cut corks without machinery. I’ve done it this way, too, and it definitely works…it just takes some extra time.

a wine cork snowflake ornament

Cork Boards

I ordered some 12” wooden cutouts from 24hourcrafts.com. These are the base for making cork boards. You can arrange corks in any pattern (diagonally, staggered, herringbone, etc.) and glue them down with a multi-surface glue like Tightbond Quick & Thick or E6000 Craft Adhesive (there is an odor with this one, so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to it or keep the room well ventilated). A hot glue gun works as well, but I find the corks may pop off in time with this method.

Once the glue is dry, trim overhanging corks with a utility knife, using the wood cutout as your guide. Attach little bobbles, overlay cork circles, tie on twine and ribbon to dress them up. A fine point Sharpie can be used to write letters or numbers on cork circles if you’d like to include a word or date.

glueing corks to a wood snowman cutout

Cork Ornaments

Here are some cute cork ornaments to try out!

glueing corks together for an ornament

Final Thoughts on a Crafting Holiday Party

This is a great way to spend time doing something a little different around the holidays. Add some good food + drink and some holiday tunes and you’re set for a fun evening with friends or family. Choose crafts that speak to your audience, and don’t forget the little ones if your shindig is family friendly!

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