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DIY Gift Basket for the Wine + Cheese Lover (Plus, a Party Cheat Sheet)

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Make a Wine + Cheese Gift Basket — the perfect present for your party-throwing bestie or holiday host with the most!

A Gift Basket for the Wine + Cheese Lover

We all know a wine + cheese lover, right? Whether they’re a hosting novice or a connoisseur of vino, this gift basket can be customized to suit their tastes, personalities or needs. And what a great way to show how well you know and appreciate the recipient.

To help them use all that’s in their basket of goodies, include a Wine + Cheese Party Cheat Sheet (download the PDF) that has helpful tips for…

  • Composing a grazing board
  • How to slice cheese
  • How much cheese, charcuterie and wine to provide for party goers
  • Pairing popular cheeses with wine
  • …and more!

Anatomy of a Wine + Cheese Gift Basket

The Basket

Wire, seagrass, wood, cloth, modern, vintage — the possibilities are endless. I picked up this wire storage basket at HomeGoods. This basket is similar.


Line your basket with a tablecloth or picnic blanket, cocktail napkins, or a cheeky little tea towel. I also love these from Etsy.

Any or all of these will come in handy for a little wine + cheese al fresco or for hosting.

A Board

Grazing boards come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Go classic with a wooden board or fancy with marble or slate. The board could even be a sided tray that serves multiple purposes.

I picked up this small acacia wood pizza board from HomeGoods. 


Utensils cover a wide range of items for serving, slicing, eating and drinking. A small bowl for dips and spreads and a set of cheese knives are two essential items for a grazing board.

Other serving pieces you could include:


You can include an assortment of consumables to further personalize your wine + cheese lover gift basket. Start with non-perishable items if you’re shipping or traveling a distance with your gift. Include fresh fruit, charcuterie or even cheeses when you’re able to present the basket quickly or as a hostess gift. 

I love to peruse the aisles at World Market because they often have tiny versions of condiments and party food — you can include a wide assortment of these! Or, go with a handful of full size items that you know your giftee will love.

I’m starting this basket off with some non-perishable grazing board essentials:

  • Flatbread crackers
  • Bruschetta dip 
  • Artisanal salami 
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Marcona almonds
  • Dried fruit

…and, a lovely bottle of Prosecco from Nakedwines.com. (Psst…sparkling wine pairs perfectly with all kinds of cheese)! 

The right wine for you- 6 bottles for just $34.99!

Final Thoughts on a DIY Wine + Cheese Lover Gift Basket

Any wine + cheese enthusiast would be over the moon to receive a curated gift made just by you!

  • Customize the size of your basket and elements based on your price point and budget
  • Bargain shop for amazing finds at places like HomeGoods + TJ Maxx or go luxe for that someone extra special
  • Personalize items based on your recipients tastes, hobbies, aesthetic
  • Don’t forget to include the Wine + Cheese Party Cheat Sheet!

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