What started out as a space for me to foster creativity and try all the things, has evolved into this idea that every moment (the big + the small) is an opportunity to celebrate life through design, food and drink, and with intention. 

Gathering together is ultimately about connecting with others and showing the people in our lives how much we care about them through the meals we prepare and the experiences we create and share.

My mission is to guide the everyday host — from the novice to the seasoned — in creating stress free gatherings that you are present for. At Sip + Sanity, you’ll find the tips, inspiration, recipes and creative ideas to turn every moment into a celebration.

About Linda

I studied communications as an undergrad, bounced around the food + beverage industry for a bit, then did the corporate thing for a few years before deciding to make a career change that would foster my creative side. 

It was a toss up between interior design and the culinary arts, but design eventually won out and I achieved my master’s just after having my son. I was so smitten with the new man in my life that I chose not to return to the workforce — a decision bolstered by my ever-supportive husband. 

After years as a stay-at-home-mom and community volunteer, I proclaimed to my family that it was time I go back to work. My son vehemently opposed the idea and my husband suggested I start a blog and become my own boss. And, the seed was planted.

Along the way, I never lost my love of sharing laughs over a good meal. And because good babysitters are hard to come by, many of those meals happened at home. Entertaining at home was both a passion and a necessity.

When I’m not dreaming up a new design project for my husband, or cooking to French Cafe Radio on Pandora, I’m reading many, many mystery novels, Googling food and wine pairings, or cozying up with my guys, the dog and the cat.

I’m glad you’re here. Now, take a sip + enjoy your sanity!

P.S. My son named those photos above — sip + [in]sanity. Can you guess which is which? 😉