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Halloween Party on Wheels

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This Halloween Party on Wheels lets you be out trick-or-treating instead of waiting for the doorbell to ring. Enjoy the festivities with family and friends and still hand out candy to costumed revelers.

a ghost, a bowl of candy and some plastic skulls

Take the Halloween Party With You!

Every Halloween, we load up our cart with candy and a cooler full of drinks and make our way around the neighborhood — we pop in to the community party, catch up with neighbors on the sidewalk while the kids trick-or-treat, and usually end up at a neighbor’s place with a gaggle of friends. 

This year, I’ve decided to deck out our cart with some spooky decorations because basic is boring! 

Would you rather be out and about Halloween night, too? Read on to find out how I put our traveling party together, as well as supplies and alternatives to consider. Hope it inspires you to add your own flair to a party on wheels!

various supplies needed to create a halloween party on wheels

Things You Need for a Party on Wheels

Cart or wagon — anything with four wheels for sturdy maneuvering through trick-or-treaters. We use our [yard work favorite] Gorilla Cart, but any high-sided wagon or one of those collapsible beach wagons would work great.

Wooden dowels — our cart comes with slots for adding wood slats. I had dowels leftover from a project and they fit perfectly. They’re handy for hanging decorations and adding height to your creation. If your cart doesn’t have slots, zip ties are a great temporary tool to attach the dowels and add stability.

two wooden dowels attached to a wagon

Spooky fabric — we had these hanging ghosts from last year. The flowy, tattered edges add that spook factor and I don’t mind that they’re a little dirty. ‘Creepy cloth’, that you can find in nearly any store that carries Halloween supplies, is a great alternative. Or, purchase plastic table coverings from a dollar store, use scissors to create tassled edges and pull on the tassels to stretch and add texture to them.

two halloween ghosts attached to a wagon

Candy bowl — last year, I acquired a plastic black cauldron during Halloween season. This one is similar. A big jack-o-lantern or any fun novelty candy bowl you have would be perfect.

closeup of a ghost hovering over a bowl of candy

Cooler or party bucket — anything to hold ice, drinks and snacks. I opted for these biodegradable coolers because they fit perfectly inside our cart. My son just HAD to paint the inside blood red. We won’t use the tops on them.

Halloween decorations — I purchased a ridiculous amount of plastic skulls last year to make scary topiaries for the porch, so I’m recycling those for our traveling party cart. I’m sure you’ve got some good stuff laying around!

close up of plastic skulls and empty coolers

Candy, drinks + snacks — we hand out candy right from the cart as we stroll through the neighborhood and pack plenty of drinks to share.

Other Fun Things to Add

We’ll be including some of these things, too, on the night of!

  • Bluetooth speaker — for all the Halloween tunes and spooky sounds.
  • Battery operated candles — to add a little drama.
  • Glow sticks — I’ll be tucking some under the ghosts to give them a little glow, or even add them to the coolers.
  • Dry ice — While it won’t likely last all night, you can pack dry ice in the bottom of your coolers and top them off with regular ice. The dry ice will turn to gas as it warms and give you a fun foggy effect.
a completed halloween party on wheels with ghosts, candy, coolers and plastic skulls

You’ll know where I’ll be on Halloween! If you create your own Halloween party on wheels, send me a pic or post it on Instagram and tag me…@sipandsanity | #sipandsanity.

Take These to Your Final Destination…

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