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Free Lawn + Garden Maintenance Planner

As soon as the weather begins to break each spring, we head outdoors to start the yard work. This is always a welcome break after weeks being cooped up inside doing indoor projects (there’s always a project around here!). Inevitably, time gets away from me or I completely forget about the care and feeding required by certain plants in the garden. This year was no exception. Instead of freewheeling it, I decided to finally document the tasks and all the notes associated with our lawn and garden upkeep. Normally I’d just toss it all into a spreadsheet and call it a day, but thought someone else must struggle with this, too. Right? So, I created a handy document to share. Here’s a  Free Lawn + Garden Maintenance Planner just for you!

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The Free Lawn + Garden Maintenance Planner is a PDF form that can be filled out on your computer before printing, or just print and fill it out by hand.

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