Prosciutto + parm brunch rolls with fig jam drizzle


Prosciutto + Parm Brunch Rolls with Fig Jam Drizzle are savory, flaky little bites that pair perfectly with eggs, breakfast sausages and fresh fruit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself serving them as an appetizer, too!


puff pastry Prosciutto Parmigiano olive oil shallot italian herbs arugula melted butter egg fig jam


Saute shallots + herbs. Add arugula to wilt, then squeeze dry with paper towels.

Roll out each sheet of puff pastry to 10" x 10".

Brush with egg wash, then sprinkle with parm + top with wilted arugula.

Roll up the pastries,  chill for 10 minutes, then slice each into 8 pieces.

Bake until golden brown. Brush with butter + sprinkle with additional parm.

Drizzle with warm fig jam and enjoy!

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prosciutto + parm brunch rolls with fig jam drizzle