mini steak + stout pies


These Mini Steak and Stout Pies are the perfect addition to an appetizer bar when you want to deliver something hearty and comforting, but still leave room for more! Bite size bits of sirloin and veggies in a rich, stout gravy, is topped with puff pastry for an easy, but impressive dish.


sirloin bacon leeks mushrooms peas + carrots stout puff pastry butter flour beef broth worcestershire tomato paste fresh thyme


Season sirloin and toss with flour to coat.


Brown bacon + sirloin, sauté aromatics, then simmer into a stew with the remaining ingredients.


Fill ramekins with the stew and brush edges with an egg wash.


Cover each ramekin with a circle of puff pastry + bake until golden.


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Mini steak and stout pies