corned beef hash waffles with savoy cabbage + eggs


Leftover Corned Beef Hash Waffles — reinvent your St. Patrick’s Day leftovers into this scrumptious brunch dish! Topped with sautéed savoy cabbage, fried eggs and creamy honey mustard sauce, these are stacks of solid deliciousness.


corned beef russet potatoes onion all purpose flour eggs savoy cabbage salted butter mustard honey sour cream apple cider vinegar olive oil kosher salt black pepper


Combine ingredients for the honey mustard sauce, set aside.


Make mashed potatoes and combine with flour, egg, caramelized onion + leftover corned beef.


Make the corned beef hash waffles. Keep warm in a low oven until all the waffles are made.


Sauté shredded savoy cabbage until crisp-tender. Fry eggs to your desired doneness.


Layer corned beef hash waffles, sautéed savoy cabbage and fried eggs. Drizzle with honey mustard sauce + season.


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Corned beef hash waffle stacks