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The Best Things I Ate in October

Here’s a list of the best things I ate in October…don’t you love a good list?!

On Saturday mornings, I sit with a cup of coffee and my laptop to plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week to come. This involves perusing my recipe archive, cookbooks, recent foodie newsletters and favorite websites (and sometimes writing a new recipe of my own 😉) to curate a daily menu full of variety and healthy options that also fit our schedules.

I decided to start sharing the fruits of discovering new and tested recipes with other home cooks. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or to get out of a cooking rut, stop by each month for a round-up of the best things I ate. Or, follow me on Facebook to get a weekly recap every Tuesday.

Freeform Chicken Meatballs with Carrots and Yogurt Sauce

chicken meatballs and carrots on a plate

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 45 min

This is great as is, but some Naan on the side wouldn’t hurt. It’s so fragrant and flavorful. Not fussy at all, but looks and tastes amazing.

One Pot Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice (Kabsa)

Difficulty: Moderate | Total Time: 1 hour

My husband cooks dinner once a week. He spins the globe, my son closes his eyes and points to a spot. Wherever his finger lands is where he begins the hunt for a recipe. This particular week it was Saudi Arabia! 

This is a comforting, one pot meal! It was just as good the next morning as my breakfast with a fried egg, Greek yogurt and hot sauce on top. (I may or may not have been curing a wine headache.)

10-Minute Sausage Skillet with Cherry Tomatoes and Broccolini

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 10 min

This seriously could not be any easier. Don’t skip the crusty bread! The juices from the burst tomatoes and butter create just a bit of sauce you’ll want to sop up. Great, healthy recipe when you’re short on time.

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

bowl of rigatoni pasta

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 45 min

Most of the 45 minutes is inactive time while the sauce is cooking. There’s just a hint of heat, and the flavors are well balanced.

I made this for a virtual wine tasting to pair with a spicy Zinfandel…perfect match! 

Quick Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

bowl of ramen noodles with broccoli

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 30 min

This is comfort food! I threw some fresh broccoli florets into the boiling water with the noodles to make this a complete meal.



Slow Cooker Loaded Enchilada Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 6 hr 10 min

Seriously so easy and really delicious! I may just “bake” sweet potatoes in the crock pot from now on.

Roasted Salmon with Fresh Herbs

filet of salmon on a bed of herbs and lemons

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 25 min

Instead of seasoning with salt and pepper, I used a cedar plank seasoning blend that amped up the flavor. I served it with a simple salad on the side. My 12 year old ate his whole portion before touching anything else on his plate.

Butternut Squash and Chorizo Hash

butternut squash, chorizo and a fried egg

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 25 min

I like to get a little more fancy with weekend breakfast and this did not disappoint! Topped with a fried egg, this protein packed meal was a delicious way to start the day.

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