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Small Autumn Touches for the Front Porch + a Super Easy Wreath DIY

I’m not one to decorate the front of our home for every holiday. My philosophy has always been to keep it classic and simple for all year consumption — except for Christmas! This year, though…I’ve decided to break with that tradition and add a few small autumn touches to the front porch. 

Fall is my favorite season of the year. It conjures up so many cherished memories. All the colors and smells hit me right in the nostalgic center of my brain. I always look forward to family gatherings, fire pit nights with friends, Halloween (our neighborhood is so much fun at Halloween!) and all the other fun ways we celebrate fall.

But, because there is so much uncertainty about how we’ll get to enjoy this season, I felt it really important to add fun + festive elements where we can. I decided to add a few small touches now to ring in the first day of fall, and set it up to easily transition to Halloween then Thanksgiving. 

We have box planters on the front step that I change up once or twice a year, so I planted mums with creamy white flowers in these. Once the mums are in full bloom, the flowers will really pop along with the cream pumpkins. 

front porch mums

The nursery also had a great selection of pumpkins in different shapes in sizes, so I came home with several to pile up by the planters. I also mixed in some season floral stems and tiny gourds I picked up at the grocery. The bunnies are a remnant from the previous homeowners. My son likes to move them around the garden every few weeks, so they’ve got to be part of the seasonal fun!

autumn touches for front porch
pile of pumpkins on front porch

Off to the side, we have a crushed stone patio area where we like to sit in the evenings. I set aside a few pumpkins for this space along with a smaller mum. I didn’t have a nice container to repot the mum, so I glued some twigs from the yard around the pot and tied it up with some jute twine. It’ll do the job.

two chairs on a patio with pumpkins and a dog

At Christmas, I hang greenery from the porch lights, and wanted to add a little something here for the fall. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t over-the-top or had a subtle color palette, so I pulled something together on my own. With a few craft store items and a few minutes, I created a couple of perfectly understated wreaths.

wreath hanging under porch light

The links below are to the exact items I used for this project.


Find the center point of the 5-foot garland and snip it in half using wire cutters. You’ll use one half on each wreath. If you want a fuller look, use the entire length for one wreath (but, don’t forget to pick up two garlands).


Decide where you want to position the garland on your wreath. Tuck the base of the garland into the wreath and find a spot to twist the end securely. Cut two lengths of floral wire and secure the garland to the wreath at the center and end of the garland.


Cut a length of ribbon and tie it into a bow. Nothing fancy about it — you can bend and manipulate the wire edges to create the look you want. Decide where you want to put this on your wreath and use floral wire or additional ribbon to secure it. Use your scissors to give the ends of your ribbon a little decorative flourish.


You can use the floral pick to add a little volume or contrast to your wreath. Decide where you want to locate it and tuck it in.

Here’s a little video to show you how I made the wreaths for our porch. (I didn’t use the floral picks originally, but once the pumpkins were in place, the wreaths needed a little pop of orange to balance things out, so in they went.)

Want to try another DIY great for fall? Try this stump stool project. 

I’ve got supplies and plans to scary up the porch in a few weeks. We’ll also carve or paint a few of the existing pumpkins to transition them for Halloween.

How do you decorate your porch for the fall? Would love to hear your ideas! And, if you try the easy wreath DIY, post it on Instagram and tag me — @sipandsanity!


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